café flora

Sustainable Specialty Coffees
Our goal with Flora is to transform the way of farming coffee and to create a common network of responsible production practices and consumption. Each lot selected for this coffee is produced under a system that supports the transition from conventional to organic cultivation. This means that no pesticides are used and agricultural practices are done in line with the natural coffee agroecosystem. We generate positive impacts on the way we treat the planet, its natural resources, and the quality of human relations. Be part of this change!


green coffees

Coffees from Fazenda Cachoeira

Apará offers coffee from our own Fazenda Cachoeira and also sources from a variety of farms in our community, many of them are women-led operations or run by Afro-descendant families.

Our coffees are either fully organic or produced in a system that favors the transition towards a sustainable and climate resilient agriculture that relies on a living soil and no chemical inputs.