Apará Cafés Especiais plays a leading role in creating business solutions inside the global coffee value chain by connecting partners who invest in sustainable production, responsible trade and conscious consumption.

From seed to cup: Production, Milling, Roasting, Trading, Exporting sustainable and organic specialty coffees.

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Meet our green and roasted coffees

Here you find specialty coffees from Fazenda Cachoeira and its partners: women-produced, sustainable and organic certified coffees.

meet our green and roasted coffees

in the core of our mission, flavors tell stories and change landscapes!

Fazenda Cachoeira is a six generation farming family that has been producing organic specialty coffees since 1994. This long tradition gave birth to Apará Cafés Especiais, which has now the mission to extend our knowledge on sustainable organic coffee cultivation and quality processing to our growers community. Our headquarters is located inside Fazenda Cachoeira, along with our roastery and all the necessary infrastructure to mill, store, prepare and export high quality coffees.

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Contact us and meet our coffees! We are proud to offer specialty coffees in any volume you require.