Living Soil, Living Relations, Living Food

Fazenda Cachoeira is a family farm that has been active for more than 200 years. The farm is a reference among coffee growers in Brazil because of its innovative cultivation practices and quality processing. The positive impact of farming on the environment and the potential for social development of coffee is at the heart of everything that Cachoeira does.

The farm has been active in the production of certified organic coffee since 1994, and it invests in innovation and sustainability projects in the global value chain of coffee.

The production of organic, sustainable coffee at the farm maintains and increases the pure water and life in the soil, and creates development opportunities for the local community.

The recent history of coffee production at Fazenda Cachoeira started with Fernando Paiva, one of the pioneers of specialty coffee in Brazil and a founder of BSCA (Brazil Specialty Coffee Association). His ideology was always to share knowledge and to search innovative farming practices for the production of high quality coffees.

Today, in its sixth generation, Miriam Monteiro de Aguiar and her husband Rogério Daros continue with the legacy left by Fernando Paiva at Fazenda Cachoeira. They understand coffee as a living food whose production process involves people, nature, education and much love.

We invest in people and share technology to preserve the flavors of the coffee fruit provided by a living soil.